Monday, March 12, 2012

Phoenix tattoo

I have been dreaming about getting this tattoo ever since my Dad passed away. I wanted a mix of an Eagle and a Phoenix... The eagle is supposed to represent being a free-spirited, powerful person. And I loved the fact that my Grandpa Bob, Uncle Steve, AND my Dad all have eagle tattoo's. I thought it would be awesome to carry on the tradition.
The myth of the Phoenix is they die, and are reborn from the ashes into something beautiful and powerful. I thought it would be so great to have something on me that reminds me to be strong, and remember that you can take something dark and awful (ashes, death) and come out a stronger and more beautiful. My Dad was also so musically talented. He could play the piano beautifully, and I grew up with him playing me my favorite songs on the piano. He also had the most amazing singing voice I'd ever heard. That's one of the things I miss the most about him. I found out that in some myths about the Phoenix it's said that the Pheonix cry is that of a beautiful song. And that the Greek sun-god Helios stopped his chariot (the sun) every morning in order to listen to its song. How awesome?

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